Uncover the Myths of Hoarding

Top 10 ways you may be misdiagnosed as a hoarder:

10. You have a smaller space than average, but you have an average amount of stuff and/or you do not have adequate furnishings to contain your belongings. (spatial relationship differential)

9. For whatever reason, you have not kept up with daily household responsibilities and you are not really attached to things, but you just haven't made being organized or tidy a priority. (different priorities)

8. You are suffering from Dementia, have a brain injury, or are suffering from a chronic mental or neurological illness and other debilitating behaviors exist. (other conditions prevail)

7. You have undergone a serious health condition and could not handle daily tasks like you once did. (denial/unrealistic expectations)

6. You are suffering from depression. (situational productivity paralysis)

5. You are in the midst of a serious life crisis such as divorce, or death of a loved one. (situational productivity paralysis)

4. You have ample time, money, and space to manage your stuff. (Like Jay Leno and his cars.) (the collector) 

3. You acquire things because they are free and you are frugal. (fiscal consciousness)

2. You get a thrill from shopping or using coupons, but you don't get around to using what you purchase or you buy multiple things because you can't find it. (shop-n-drop)

1. Because others think you are. (popular opinion)


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